Thursday, August 7, 2008


*gasp* I stumbled across this article on bad spelling. You know, it is a pet peeve of mine that people can't spell these days -- even people with Ph.D.s! It's absolutely ridiculous. I accept misspellings from my six-year-old, but certainly not from a twenty-six-year-old. They should know better. Interestingly, the article stated:

Playwright George Bernard Shaw was fond of pointing out that the word "ghoti" could just as well be pronounced "fish" if you followed common pronunciation: 'gh' as in "tough," 'o' as in "women" and 'ti' as in "nation."

In a day when misspellings are rampant in advertising, text messaging, and pretty much all other written forms of communication (even children's books, which aggravates me more than anything!), this is really something to think about. (Isn't it?! Okay, maybe not ...)

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Melissa said...

Yes, it is! And I commend you for not adding the superfluous apostrophe before your "s" after PhD. I must go read that article. I worked for a CPA firm, and it was apalling how horrible the spelling and grammar of the CPAs was! I guess it's a good thing they could do math! (Wait, did I just spell the word "apalling" wrong?)

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