Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Hate Speech and Discrimination

I knew this would happen. My last post on homosexuality was written with strong wording, and I knew it would be misinterpreted by those who are "pro-gay" as being either hate speech or discriminating. Sure enough, there's a message on that post to that effect. What people fail to realize is that I do not consider myself "anti-gay". I just consider myself "pro-family" in a traditional sense.

As I've said before, I have gay colleagues whom I respect and admire for who they are -- I simply disapprove of their chosen lifestyle. Does this mean that I would prevent them from living said lifestyle? No, not at all, anymore than I would prevent people from drinking alcohol, coffee, or tea -- which I also feel is wrong.

People are free to choose how they wish to live their lives, but when it comes to this issue, I feel that my freedoms are at stake here. I would choose to keep my family free from influences that would lead them to behaviors that I consider to be deviant or in error -- this is a right and a privilege to which I believe every responsible parent is entitled.

Homosexuality is one such behavior that I'd rather they not participate in -- and if I had my way, they'd never be exposed to it. This current equalization of "gay marriage" with "traditional marriage" -- particularly as it would be forced to be taught in schools -- makes it more difficult for me to manage the environment in which I raise my family.

The blessing and the problem with America, which I love and to which I am devoted, is that we are a tolerant people. Indeed, we have a culture of tolerance. The problem with this culture, however, is that it makes it difficult to sometimes draw the line on these kinds of issues. We can see this in many aspects of American society. For example, when exactly is it okay to smoke marijuana? When exactly is capital punishment acceptable? When exactly is it okay to carry a gun -- and who has that right? When exactly is it okay to look at pornography or to participate in certain sexual behaviors? This last point is clearly the matter at hand. If homosexuality is okay, then why is polygamy disallowed? If it truly is acceptable to have sex with anybody you want, then why isn't sex with minors - or sex between minors - okay?

Where exactly do you draw the line? Society, collectively, must choose where those lines are to be drawn. Sometimes the line is easily determined by scientific reasoning, and sometimes it is not. Where the scientific proof is lacking, we must then rely upon other rationales, such as those derived from social conventions, behavioral science, or, can it truly be?, religion.

For me, I know where I would draw that line, and Californians as a people will choose this November. If Proposition 8 passes in November, is it hate speech? Is it discrimination? Not at all. It is a choice.

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Melissa said...

Well said. Where do we draw the line indeed?

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