Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

This afternoon after the Family History fair, my wife was panicky because my oldest son's basketball pictures were an hour earlier than she expected. As it turned out, she was halfway through making cinnamon rolls when she had to rush out the door. That left the remainder of the task to baking-challenged me and my six-year-old daughter. Well, I'm proud to report that we were up to the challenge. I read the instructions carefully (they were pretty good ones!) and we proceeded from one step to the next together. It was pretty fun spending this kind of time with my daughter. She usually is off in her own little world (as she is right now), so when we have quiet time alone, I'm not usually invited. It's weird, but true -- she's a very independent little girl that enjoys her solitude and her own imagination.

Nevertheless, we had a good time making the rolls. She enjoyed greasing the pans, mixing the sugar and cinnamon, cutting the rolls, and helping me lay them in the pans. It was a good time. We're not awaiting the results, and when they're done baking, I'll get a picture and post it here ...

Okay, so they ended up a little crispy, but she and I both had one and we wouldn't turn down another one ...

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