Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Snowing!

It's snowing in the mountains right behind where I work! It's unbelievable. People have been complaining about the weather all morning. A guy I work with said it was sleeting when he came in this morning on his motorcycle. Crazy. It's been so cold around here that there's been major delays on some freeways, people are stranded in mountain villages, and accidents are beginning to pile up from the slippery roads. Oddly enough, at home (on the other side of the mountain range from where I work) we haven't dipped below freezing, as far as I can tell. Even so, it's pretty remarkable weather for sunny southern California!

This picture came from an article that talks about people getting stuck on the I-5 freeway heading north through Gorman. This is just north of where I live. It is up in the mountains and is the primary route to get from anywhere in L.A. to anywhere up north. Quite a mess!

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