Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Wife Spent Too Much

Christmas was really good for me. My wife went crazy and spent entirely too much. It all started when she decided to buy me a new set of scriptures. The new ones aren't exactly cheap, so that should've been all she bought for me. She bought me both a new Bible, since my old one's spine is coming off, and a new Triple Combination, since they're practically entirely redlined.

Anyway, she's an early shopper so she purchased them several months ago. Needless to say, several months is far too long for a wife always on the look-out for deals to sit on a wallet, so clearly things came along that she couldn't resist, particularly since she likes to spoil me.

So about a month ago, she bought me a big telescope. It's big and beautiful and I absolutely love it. I'm an amateur astronomer, but had always been frustrated by the telescopes I've had at my disposal that were simple azimuth/elevation telescopes. So when I opened this and saw that it had an equatorial mount, I was absolutely delighted since it allows me to avoid the frustration of finding an object then have it track out of the telescope's field of view in two axes. It also has some fine adjustment knobs that allow me keep objects in the field of view with minimal difficulty. Now I will finally get some good use out of my favorite astronomy book!

Then just days before Christmas, we had been talking about having difficulty with our current digital camera, which had been dropped by my daughter about a month ago. With the case cracked and the zoom sticking, it's an exercise in frustration to get good pictures. So, of course, a deal comes along and my wife jumped at the chance to get a new camera. It's a beauty, and we look forward to using it. It's an 8 megapixel camera, which means the images will be much larger in size. Since we tend to be camera happy, we'll probably fill up our hard-drive in a few weeks and need one of those new terabyte hard drives ...

As for what I gave my wife? I've been officially put to shame. A lame DVD, a board game, and (this was the best thing I got her) a beautiful sarong for a trip we're planning for our tenth anniversary. What can I say? I've got an awesome wife who loves me!


Angel said...

Yes, I agree that I spent too much, but it was worth it!

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that she got you a nice telescope. I bet it will be a neat thing for the family also. I know how much you liked Bruces, but this looks so much more easy to take care of and use. Send me more details Ok. I know she got you alot but you do alot for the family and her.
Sorry about the camera but look how it turned out.

Love Mom
Mom G

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