Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something Awesome Isn't Coming

A few days ago, I posted that there might be an impact of an asteroid on Mars, and we were very excited about the possibilities. Well, the 1-in-28 chance reported earlier then went to a 1-in-40 chance as the trajectory estimates improved, and have now gone to a 0% chance. The article clip reads as the following:

Updated Jan 9, 2008 – As expected, scientists at JPL's Near-Earth Object Office have further refined the trajectory estimate for asteroid 2007 WD5 and ruled out any possibility of a Mars impact on Jan. 30. The latest trajectory plot of the asteroid was made possible by adding to previously obtained data some new data from a round of observations acquired by three observatories on the evenings of Jan. 5 through 8. Based on this latest analysis, the odds for the asteroid impacting Mars on Jan. 30 are 0.0 percent. The latest observations come from the German-Spanish Astronomical Center, Calar Alto, Spain; the Multi-Mirror Telescope, Mt. Hopkins, Ariz.; and the University of Hawaii telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Such a pity.

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