Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Trip to Utah

The last several posts about our trip to Utah all seemed to be somewhat negative, so I figured I'd at least admit that I'm glad we went and we had a great time. Our visits with both sides of the family were enjoyable and it's always good to have time for the kids to bond with their grandparents and cousins -- something they get to do all too rarely. Regardless of the stomach flu that some members of my family caught and the miserably cold temperatures we had to endure while we were there, it was still a good trip. Here's a few pictures from the excursion:

The guy on the right? He's the source of the stomach flu we caught.

My daughter discovering the wonders of sucking on icicles (though my wife freaked out about the unhealthful aspects of doing so ...)

My wife's sister in what I think is her natural state.

My dad with his latest pride and joy -- his train set which he's had since he was a child. Just lately it's been reassembled, and with the help of my oldest brother it is working again.

My oldest son with two books he's been very anxious to read, which my parents got him for Christmas.

My youngest son enjoying an Oreo cookie.

That's me with my dad outside shoveling the sidewalk. My kids are somewhere out of view, and they loved the shoveling! Funny how hard labor is desirable when it's a novelty.

My daughter making a really good snow angel.

My wife and oldest son being really silly with the camera.

It was, indeed, a really good trip!

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