Friday, December 21, 2007

First Day of Vacation

Today is the first full day of my Christmas vacation! I won't be working until the 7th of January, so I have over two weeks to chill out and be with my family! I am so excited. Of course, we have plenty of plans, but if we don't get to any of them, I'm not going to care too much ... I'm on vacation!

We do have planned to go to Six Flags as many times as we can muster while our season passes are still good. We'd like to go down to the L.A. Temple to see the Christmas lights. We want to take a walk over to a street nearby that is all decked out in Christmas lights. We need to make some goodies and take them around to families we'd like to visit. We are going to Utah to visit with both sides of our family. These are all our plans, but if we don't get to them, oh, well! I'm on vacation! (Well, maybe the Utah trip needs to happen ...)

It should be a nice couple of weeks, assuming the kids don't fight the whole time. Of course, I am on-call for work through next Wednesday ... I'm hoping everything goes smoothly with my spacecraft so that I don't get a call.

It's just astonishing that Christmas is in 4 days! My wife and I spent last night wrapping gifts and watching Stargate. It's amazing how much stuff we've accumulated to give away to people -- most of it we have to haul to Utah. Lots of fun! I'm on vacation!

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