Sunday, December 9, 2007

Side-by-Side Gaming

Okay, so here's my first successful post of a video. I had to download some (free) software to down-convert the video that comes out of my camera to lower resolution, but I finally got it to work. And the results are stunning, aren't they? The base image is hilarious ... my expression is priceless.

In the video, you get a good glimpse of our house, in not so good order, but, hey, we're human, too, eh?

Oh, and my wife changed my header (with a few inputs from me) and format in this blog because she didn't like it before. The results are just fine ... I'm not emotionally fixated on the format of this blog, just the content, so she did a good thing.


Megan said...

Ha, ha. I love Angel's "who are you talking to?"

I took side-by-side gaming to mean you guys were playing an online game together - something James bugs me about doing every so once in a while. He would think that was pretty cool. But knowing me, and the few games I have played, our kids wouldn't be eating or even get dressed during the day if I was hooked on a game. :)

The new layout and header look nice. You have a talented wife, but you already knew that!

Melissa said...

Well, you are a little odd :)

Roy. said...

Hey, odd is as odd does. Which makes me ... okay, you got me there. ;)

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