Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged Again

By my wife, of all people! So now I'm supposed to identify seven random facts about myself and then identify four other people to tag. Well, I guess the first random fact about me that I'll share is:

1) I detest chain letters and so-called email tagging. In this particular case, however, since it is my wife, I'll go ahead and humor her. (Love you, babe!) When it comes to email chain letters (you know, the kind that if you don't forward it on to everybody in your address book, a bus will fall off a bridge and kill your cat), no matter how well-intentioned, they always come off as being self-righteous and stupid.

2) In colege I got myself a b in technicul writin. I now firmly believe that english college profesors are dimwits. I done never met one who wasn't totally full of themselves with actual reason to. Being well-read is totally useless if you're personality have more flaws than this here paragraf.

3) I am the owner of a green car, which my wife and I call "El Guaco". The car is "guacamole" colored and it's name is a spin on "El Guapo" from the movie "The Three Amigos." I drive it to work nearly every day, and I quite enjoy doing so, even if it has the acceleration of a slug -- a pea green slug.

4) I actually like yard work. I especially like to mow the lawn. When I was a kid, I grew up hating it, but I made that chore into an art form by making patterns in the large and spacious grassy areas of my childhood home. Now I live in a house with only a small bit of grass and find that I somewhat miss the ability to make the patterns. In addition, I dig really well. In fact, whenever I'm talking to my kids about my talents, I always mention that I dig really well. For now, they think this is pretty cool. I also like to trim trees and take them out of the ground, even though it is usually miserable work.

5) I've read the Old Testament front-to-back 4 times, and I'm working on a 5th time. I'm reading towards the end of Job right now. I think it's the least appreciated and least understood body of scripture we have.

6) I love science fiction books and movies. I have a very soft spot for disaster movies, and enjoy watching the total mayhem. Oddly enough, however, I don't enjoy what some call "military sci fi" and I especially don't enjoy gore in the movies. I also have little patience for fantasy, which, in one of the most atrocious mistakes of the 20th century, has been literarily grouped in the same category with science fiction. Such a categorization cheapens and weakens the appeal of true, "hard" science fiction.

7) Aside from activities related to my family, my job, and my church, I have no hobbies. What are these "hobby" things, anyway?

Looking back, this is a strange list indeed. It's pretty random, which I guess was the point. (There you go, my love!)


Melissa said...

When I first started reading number two, I thought, "Whoa, he misspelled 'college.' That's not like Roy!" Then I read further and got the joke. Very funny. To this day, I am sorely aggreived by misspellings and poor punctuiation. Did I spell "aggreived" correctly?

Melissa said...

Well, I spelled "punctuation" incorrectly.

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