Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pre-Holiday Doldrums

Do you ever get the pre-holiday doldrums? At work, my productivity has tanked. It's not even my fault, either. Everybody that I need to talk to that has that one piece of information I need to make some forward progress is either already on vacation, or already mentally on vacation. This means that I have spent pretty much the whole day moving items from today's to-do list to January. The few things that I actually could do, I can't do because others have come to me to get that one piece of information that they need to make some progress, and they need it right now before the holiday.

So now today is wrapping up and I am left with just one more workday (tomorrow) to get everything done that really needs to get done before my Christmas vacation. I don't have much hope that anything will really get accomplished, but honestly, who cares?! Nobody else around here does, and my work will be here when I get back. My biggest fear is that management will make bad decisions in the first week of January that I will need to wrestle with when I return the second week of January. What a wonderful thought on which to leave on vacation ...

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